Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Loooooot! - Blood Rage and two submarines

Two boxes with my name on them today.
First I picked up a parcel at the local Post Office pick-up point.
Two midget submarines for Pulp Alley games and maybe a WWII commando raid. Soerabaja Harbour will see much more action.
Resin and etched metal. This is going to be fun!
Then came DHL and delivered a big box at my door-step.
One huge box full of goodies.
Loot from the Blood Rage Kickstarter.
The main attraction - Blood Rage.
Ooooh. Boxes in the box and cards and rules and.... stuff.
Lots of beautiful minis in the big box. Four clans to fight the final fight - Ragnarök.
A Völur Witch dressed for the beach and maybe, just maybe, not for Midgård... :-(
A warrior from the Serpent clan.
Fire giant, frost giant, sea serpent and troll from the smaller box in the game. Big brutes.
The sea serpent will hit the painting table immediately. It will see action in the next Pulp Alley game.

These boxes are Stretch goals. Mountain giant, wolfman, another troll and the Fenrir.
Another stretch goal - mystics to help you.
Two each of five different mystics. 
What would Ragnarök be without the Gods. Yet another stretch goal.
Loke, Tor, Tyr, Freja, Heimdal and Oden.
Another clan in an expansion. Final stretchgoals in this one.
More figures and cool tokens to be used instead of cardboard counters. Niiiice.
A good day indeed.


  1. I thought you didn't back any more kickstarters?

    1. Eh... well, not to many. At least not any just now. But I have been known to falter sometimes...
      I actually disengaged from the 7 Sins one. Pretty impressed with myself there :-)
      But this one... vikings, giants, sea snakes, nordic trolls, Ragnarök... how could I resist?

  2. I see why you don't want me tempting you with shiny new toys!

    1. Now you understand :-)
      Do tempt me with skirmish-rules that I can use with the minis I already have (or will get via a Kickstarter) but no more periods!

  3. Nice bit of loot there Joakim & the sea serpent timing was spot on, also good to know that we'll be seen more of your wonderful harbour.

    1. Happy puppy today :-)
      That harbour will see a lot of action!

  4. Oooh nice! I'm starting to regret I cancelled my pledge for Blood Rage at the last minute. Those minis look great, especially the larger ones.

    1. They really do look good. Lots of bent spears, though. We'll see what some hot water can do.

  5. Very nice! That was one KS that paid off big time for sure. Looking forward to seeing all this stuff painted...and of course to blowing up that sub.

    1. So much to paint, so little time.
      I'll paint the subs pretty quickly and at least some of the Blood Rage minis.
      But be prepared to play Blood Rage with a lot of unpainted plastics

    2. I think we can live with that.

  6. You have some great looking Mini's there. Happy painting!

    1. Hi Jan!
      I sure have! The sea serpent is on the painting table now, and I recon the giants and trolls will soon make it there, too.