Monday, 5 October 2015

Pulp wheels – a car from Perry and a truck from Baker Company

Even though Soerabaja Harbour is ready for action it doesn’t mean that there is no pulp-tings on my painting table. On the contrary it seems, as I got one or two things going.
At the moment there are a few half-finished fantasy figures there and I’m also very keen on continue to paint my Dust stuff – those models are just great fun to paint. Me and my mate Thomas is also very keen on starting to game Dust Warfare again. Also some more figures for the CSSS.
Anyway, here are the newest addition to the Pulp car-pool.
GAZ AAA truck from Baker Company.
This model comes from the Winter War Kickstarter by Baker Company and we finally received our final shipment of stuff a couple of months ago. This is one of the Russian GAZ AAA trucks in that shipment.
It’s a licence-built Ford AA with twin rear-wheels. Built from 1932 into the fifties making it suitable for WWII, Korea, Indochina and more. It also works well as a civilian truck for my Pulp Alley games.
The kit isn't the best out there. The resin parts are good but the metal less so. Rather crudely done unfortunately.
It is painted Vallejo 985 Hull Red drybrushed with 818 Red Leather.
Fiat 508 Militare Coloniale Staff Car from Perry Miniatures
Another military vehicle press-ganged into pulp-use. A decent resin and tin model, but I’m not super-excited about it.

Painted Vallejo 898 Dark Sea Blue and a drybrush of 964 Field Blue. Shading with Army Painter Dark Tone ink.
Finally a picture of the OM36 truck, now with the missing steering wheel added.


  1. Very useful all the same, nice work.

    1. Thank you, Francis
      Useful indeed, you can't have to many vehicles :-)

  2. More characterful pieces for your table...especially the staff car!

    1. Yep. There is a quality in quantity and that is coming on well :-)

  3. They may not set the world alight as models, but nice work on them all the same.