Monday, 8 February 2016

Dust – Übertoten Suicide Squad

In the Dust universe of WWII the Germans are sort of the good guys. Adolf Hitler is dead, Germany is de-nazified and has tried to sue for peace and unite humanity against an alien threat. But… to do the latter they are willing to do almost anything and that’s why we see zombies in their lines.
What is there to complain about, really? It's a rather well thought out recycling effort.
These are the Heilige Tod – Blutkreuz Korps Übertoten Suicide Squad. Former soldiers that really don’t like their new-found ‘life’ and wants to end it in a bang. They are armed with Panzerfausts and magnetic mines, combine that with damage resilience, the tank killer feat and that they ignore suppression and you’ve got a fearsome unit.

They are painted like the rest of my Axis troops except for the skin, obviously.


  1. Very nice! I do not look forward to having those lads charge my puny Allied walkers.