Friday, 2 September 2016

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, part 2. Military aircraft

Now for the not so peaceful planes from Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. (You can see the civilian planes in part 1) They will be in no special order, this is just following how we walked.
We start with a P-51D Mustang
This is such a beautiful plane
Next stop, a B-17G Flying Fortress. You might have seen this one looking a bit different in the Bond movie Thunderball 
The B-17 is dwarfed by the tail from the Spruce Goose in the background.
A replica Me-262A-1. An impressive plane. If you want to see the real thing you can visit Deutches Museum in Munich, another great museum.
Mrs Miniaturesman and youngest son looking.
This one is armed with what I think is Orkan rockets.
Another replica, this time a FW-190A-7
Ready for towing

Close-up of landing gear.
and more of the same, but lower down
A rotten photo of a Douglas A-26C Invader.
A de Havilland D.H.100 Vampire. The Swedish Airforce bought 70 of these in 1946 and they served here until 1955 under the name J 28A. 
FJ-3 Fury
FG- 1D Corsair
Cessna 0-2
Spitfire Mk XVI
Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10
P-38L Lightning
P-40N Warhawk
A replica Curtiss JN-4a Jenny. The type was used as a trainer for US and Canadian pilots in WWI. Really interesting to see it 'undressed' (yes, I'm an engineer...)
Wing and how wires and struts are connected. 
Another replica, this time a Sopwith F.1 Camel.
So, that's the Aviation part of the museum. Next we will go to the Space hangar, where we also find helicopters and more.
I hope you enjoyed the pics.


  1. Excellent photos. I want to go back there now!

  2. Good stuff! Some years ago I visited a place connected with my job and found it was an aircraft restoration company. They were working on an ME262.