Monday, 12 September 2016

Dust - Medium Panzer Walker III-A/D Wotan/Flamm-Luther

Another model that just stood half-finished on the painting table for far too long. It’s a medium German walker from Dust, and this one can be made into two different models, the laser-equipped III-A Wotan or a flamer-equipped III-D Flamm-Luther.
 The Wotan can be equipped with side-shields, to make it even tougher to knock out.

Decals from Dust and Warlord.
This one had a problem that I found before I started painting, as the air-intake grille on one side of the main body was missing. I had to make one myself.
A mould material I bought from Alphaspel. You heat it in hot water and it becomes soft.
Take the hot lump and press it to whatever you want a duplicate of and you've got a mould when the plastic has cooled down. Here I make a duplicate of the grille on the other side of the main body.
I made two moulds and filled them with green stuff
A descent grille. It's not perfect, but good enough.
Trimmed and glued in place.
Anyway it is nearly invisible behind the weapons. I bet you didn't notice it on the pics of the finished model.


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    1. Thanks, Michał!
      I had a wet time with different washes and inks to make it feel well used.