Monday, 19 September 2016

More dungeon scenery from Zealot Miniatures

Lots of stuff from Zealot Miniatures ready for action.
Tiered stairs for use in the dungeon or maybe a castle
A Fireplace with a comfy little fire to drive away the chill of a dungeon near you.
That's a nice Forgotten Fountain
There were clear inserts but I used Woodland Scenics Realistic Water instead.
When you least expect it... a water weird! A clear resin piece you can put over the fountain. Difficult to see in the picture, but there is a monstrous head there. I put a gloss varnish on it to let it look more watery.
A dwarven arch
This lectern is actually from Pulp Figures and their Cowled Cultists 1 pack.
The lectern and a big Zealot box. You can never have to many boxes.
A Tomb...
Oh, there is a mummy inside.
Aaaaargh! (mummy from Blue Moon)
I hope you enjoyed this look at some of Zealot's stuff. 


  1. Replies
    1. My mini-dungeon will soon be fully equipped :-)

  2. They got lots of lovely stuff... thanks

  3. Fabulous additions to the ever growing collection.

    1. yep, I'm very please dwith the stuff I've got from Zealot

  4. Replies
    1. Just wait. The torture chamber need some equipment...

  5. I like the fireplace and the stairs. Good stuff.

  6. Always interested in terrain - thanks for sharing, Joakim, they look great!