Monday, 5 November 2012

Battle report - Dux Brittaniarum…. or maybe Gondorium

A week ago the group had our first try at the Too Fat Lardies’ rules Dux Brittaniarum, that is their rules for wargaming in the Age of Arthur, 450 to 600 AD. Brittish versus Saxons.,
This was our first go at the rules, and our rules guru and TFL expert Thomas guided us in the intricacies of ancient Britain and how they fought.
A peaceful pastoral scene
Oh, yeah, we don’t really have any ancients figures. 
But the Britons, being noble and just (well, I played them...) were substituted with LotR Gondorians, and the filthy (or whatever…) Saxons found their lookalikes in Thomas’ LotR Uruk Hai orcs.
This being our first attempt meant that we made a lot of mistakes (use the shield wall if your British!) and got the rules wrong a couple of times. But that is the way it is when you start.
I ended up on the British, defending, side both games.
Did you notice… “both games”? Yep, we actually managed two games in an afternoon. That is a record for our group, as we usually play one game a whole day and evening.

First game was a nail-biter. It started well-ish for us Britons.
Our troops appear in the flank of the Saxons
Our Lord and his troops charged the cavalry, which, cowardly, retreated before we could do them any harm.
It then went down-hill, as we lost one whole troop to a stupid charge coupled with us not really knowing just how stupid it is to charge a superior foe in some cover, not using the cards right and horrible dice-rolling (excuses, it was just stupid).
Then a full scale melee broke out, horrible losses for both sides. 
We could use our local superiority to get a slight advantage, and the Uruks made a gamble. Single combat between two nobles.
Justice and light won the day, as the filthy Uruk-Saxon was bested!
That was it for the Saxons, as they had had enough, and fled.

Hooray! I was on the winning side. Showing my superior handling of rules, troops and enemies!
In reality a very marginal victory.

Game two, and I'm still Briton. This time it goes down-hill from the beginning, whith a very clear trend.
 Here they come!
Our troops form up
 Close combat commences...
...and our troops are overwhelmed...
 ...and slaughtered...
...and flee.

No question about this match, a resounding defeat.

To read more on these games, you can check Thomas’ blog.

I had a great day. Two great games. New rules that are very playable and begs to be played more times. An umpire who is willing to start a campaign.
What more can one ask for?
To answer that, I will buy the rules and am considering one of the starting bundles from TFL, consisting of rules and a warband. It would be funnier with ‘real’ Britons next time.

(Reality has intervened. I have massively over-bought this year. Tons of Mantic figs, a lot of Otherworld via Indiegogo, and far too much WWII bought or ordered. The plastics and metal mountain is higher than ever. There will be no Britons, nor Saxons, this year. (But it’s soon a new year J))

Finally, welcome follower Jacksarge, with Jacksarge’s Wargames Ramblings. Great blog about WWII, Dark Ages and more. 

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  1. Don't worry, Jocke, we have enough minis already bought to get a campaign started, and run quite a few games as well and next year we can all start looking at Britons, Saxons, Danes and such.