Friday, 30 November 2012

Flygvapenmuseum – Swedish Air Force Museum – part 3 – WWII Swedish planes

Sweden made quite a few planes during WWII
B-18 or SAAB 18. Designed during the war, but delivered from October -45. 119 made and this one made an emergency landing on ice. The ice broke after a couple of days and the plane sunk. It was rescued in 1979, after 33 years on the bottom of the sea, and has been restored since then.

B17 or SAAB 17. Bomber and reconnaissance, in service from 1941. 322 made and could take 900 kg bombs.
Sorry about the quality of this photo

 Note the retractable wheels

J22 or FFVS J22. Around 200 made, and in service from 1943.

A Bofors 40mm AA-gun, with some planes in the background

More to come...

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