Saturday, 1 December 2012

Flygvapenmuseum – Swedish Air Force Museum – part 4 – Spitfire and Catalina.

Another British plane, this one a S31 or Spitfire PR Mk XIX. 50 bought in 1948 for photo reconnaissance.

Tp 47 or Catalina (Tp - transport). Three bought from Canada in 1947 and used in sea-rescue. One unarmed was shot down in 1952 by a Soviet MiG 15, making it a very cold war indeed. It was looking for another lost plane, a DC-3 reconnaissance plane that had been shot down a couple of days earlier. The crew of the Catalina was rescued, but the DC3 crew was lost.
Both planes were found in 2003, and what is left of the DC3 is in the museum.

A baddie, a MiG 15
Even more to come...

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