Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hooray, an airbrush for me!

A couple of weeks ago the folks at my job asked me what I wanted as a birthday present. When you have your 50th birthday the company chucks in a bundle of money, and there’s a collection amongst the co-workers.
I was asked a couple of weeks ago what I wanted. Maybe a vase, a wrist watch or candelabra… uck…
So what did I really want… After some thought the answer was easy: an airbrush.
I have never used one before, so I needed a decent beginners model, and have no idea what is right. So I took a lunch walk to Hobbybokhandeln. Needless to say they were glad to help. I discussed with Marko at the shop, and told him that a confused young lady would probably come and ask about a birthday present J
This Friday was the big day at work. Reception with coffee, cake, speech and a small and rather heavy packet.
Here it is!
And this is what is in the box

Now this is just super. This is something I have wanted since I was 10, but never gotten my hands on. This is the best present!
I also got a gift certificate to use at Hobbybokhandeln, and that will more than cover the paints I need. Also the promise of a short introduction on airbrushes in the shop.
A trip to Clas Ohlsson, every hobbyists’ dream-shop, will get me a compressor. More on that later.

No one at work really knows about my miniatures, so I took the chance to show them at the reception. A photo of Elori Ebonscythe, one of my favourite models, magnified on to an A4 sheet. Lots and ooohs and aaahs. Then the look on their faces when I picked up the little miniature from my breast pocket. That was so fun!
I got the highest praise from one of my colleagues
“Hey, you’re a real nerd. I like that!”
Yep, that’s me.


  1. Nice! Single- or double-action?

  2. I'm a rookie at this, remember. I don't know what your talking about :-)
    Intro at the shop next week, you'll might get an answer then.

  3. Ehm... can you control both the airflow and the amount of paint that flows through the nozzle? Usually by being able to press down AND/OR pulling back on the trigger. Then it's a double action.

    Or, if you only control the airflow by pressing the trigger, you have a single action.

  4. Envy is not a pretty thing, but I can't help it!
    Well, the good part is that I will get to game with all the nice vehicles you will be producing.