Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Miniatures Man 2 years and 50

A couple of weeks ago The Miniatures Man-site celebrated its second birthday, and I was fully occupied with other stuff at the time. But life is back in old rut now, and it is time to celebrate.
Let’s check the two years
Hits: close to 28 000 in total (6500 after the first year)
Followers: 63 (32)
Articles: 181 (92)

Most popular articles all time:
German infantry guns, WWII – my fist blog post!

Most viewers from US, followed by UK, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Spain, Australia, Canada, France and Italy – essentially unchanged from the first year.
A good year, with steadily climbing view-rates and more and more people finding the site. I still feel it’s fun to do this, but I will probably change some concepts a bit. For one thing - probably shorter book-reviews, but on more of the miniatures-related and history books I read.

Another jubilee happened last week, namely the Miniatures Man himself turned 50.
I fled the country, with its snow and ice, to a warmer place in the sun. Had a nice trip with the family, looked at the local Canarian flora and fauna and had a great, if miniatures-free, time.
Now it’s time du remove the dust from the neglected painting table and get some modelling done.
The Miniatures Man protecting himself from the sun on his 50th birthday.

Welcome follower number 64, Lost Legion Miniatures with a blog with the same name. A nice blog about this and that in modelling. 


  1. Congratulations on these milestones, keep e'm coming.

  2. Good to hear and congrats and here's to more!

  3. Congratulations too.

    Is the photo in Tenerife or Gran Canaria ?

    1. It's from Gran Canaria. Puerto Mogan to be more specific.

  4. Congrats from me too and keep on your good work!

  5. Congratulations! A bit late, but I don't have much blog reading time during weekends :-)