Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Somua S-35 in 20mm by Frontline

Two resin Somua S-35 tanks by Frontline ready for the France 1940 front. I painted one of them a couple of years ago, and the other in the same colour-scheme just now.
The models are in two pieces, hull and turret, and very basic. The running gear especially is rather vague on the details. On the plus side – they are rather cheap.
Painting French tanks are always fun, as everything goes. I have some French magazines with lots of photos and also some assorted books on French armour as inspiration.

Colours used (Vallejo)
Base – Tan Yellow 912
Camo – Yellow Olive 892
Camo – Beige Brown 875
Lines – Burnt Umber 941
Tracks – Gunmetal metal
Wash with Citadel Devlan Mud
Decals from Aleran Miniatures, the France 1940 set FR-2 (for H35 and H39).