Sunday, 14 April 2013

The list….

Thomas jokingly (I hope!) suggested another WWII scale, 28mm. Let’s say I was somewhat negative to the idea, as we already do 6mm and 20mm.
I then gave him a list of my unfinished 20mm models. Just from the top of my head. It was rather long…
I came home and thought about that list, went down to the hobby room and basement and started counting the WWII stuff waiting for the painting table.
The list grew, and grew, and grew….
So, an idea of what you will probably see on this site the next century or so.

Aeroplanes for the LRDG to destroy:
Savoia Marchetti (Airfix)
Storch (Academy)

Italian – also as LRDG-target
CV-33 (resin, Frontline) (ordered, and in the mail)

2x Char B1 bis (Revell, 1/76) – on the painting table
FT17 (Revell, 1/76) – on the painting table
5x H35 (resin, Frontline) (ordered, and in the mail)
Panhard (metal, Hinchcliffe)
2x trucks (resin, Frontline)

Van (resin, Frontline)
Truck (resin, Frontline)
2x cars (die-cast, Oxford Diecast) apply satin varnish to reduce shine – on the painting table
VW (die-cast, ?) - paint
Ambulance (die-cast, Oxford Diecast) - paint

SdKfz 263 (Roden)
Pz I (Fujimi, 1/76)
Opel Blitz (Roden)
3x Pz IV (2xPSC, Hasegawa) 
4x SdKfz 251(1/76, 2xFujimi, 2xRevell)
3x wagons (Hät)

British (to build or re-paint in correct BEF-camo)
LRDG Chevrolet (Revell) – on the painting table
6x carriers (PSC)
2x A9 (metal, SHQ)
A10 (metal, SHQ)
Matilda (Italeri)
3x Mk VI (Airfix)
2x Dingo (metal, Hinchcliffe)
Quad (Italeri)
25 pdr (Italeri)
5x 2pdr (plastic and metal, 2xZvezda, 2xHinchcliffe, Brittania)
5x truck (resin, Brittania, Frontline)
staff car (die-cast, Oxford Diecast)

BA-64 (resin, Frontline)

workshop (cardboard, Metcalfe)
water tower (cardboard, Metcalfe)
sand house (cardboard, Metcalfe)
2x ruins (resin)
ruined workshop (resin, Airfix)
country house (plastic, Italeri)
ruin (plastic, Airfix)

On top of this I have all these figures. Boxes and boxes of them…

I will continue to have my un-built kits spread out all over the place to camouflage the staggering amount of stuff. Oh, and keep this list away from the eyes of my wife!

So, what of the above should be the next thing on the painting table? Suggestions? What would you like to see in the blog?

And do you have a similar list, or are you one of those mythical modellers that finish everything before you buy anything new?

(I also have quite a substantial amount of 28mm fantasy/SF/modern. I don’t even contemplate doing a list of them…)


  1. If you don't have a list your not really part of the hobby


  2. That's a nice long list sir. I didn't know Revell makes a Char B1, wanted to build one but all I could get was the ready-made one from Dragon or Trumpeter?

  3. It's the old Matchbox kit. Revell seem to have it in stock for a while, then out of stock for a couple of years. Been out of stock for a while now, so we will hopefully see it again soon.

  4. Very interesting list! I have an equal big list and the list is getting larger and larger, just as yours :-)


  5. The worst bit is...I was not joking! Check these guys out:

    1. yes, they are more than nice.
      But a new scale.....