Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Willys Jeep - a 20 mm comparison

I’ve built two different Jeeps, one Revell/Matchbox in 1/76 scale and one from Skytrex sold as 20 mm.
The Revell one is specified as a CJ-2A on the box, meaning Civilian Jeep, and that one was produced from 1945 according to Wikipedia.
I assume that is a mistake, and classify it as a Willys MB.
Revell vs Skytrex - they do look different…
Let’s look at the dimensions (according to Wikipedia):
The real thing: length 3327mm (I assume that includes the bumper), width 1575 mm
The real thing in 1/76 scale: length 44 mm, width 21 mm
Revell: 41 x 19 (approximately scale 1/82)
Skytrex: 46 x 23 (approximately scale 1/70)
One far to small, and the other one approximately right for 1/72
As to the looks, the Skytrex one does have a strange hood.
Better details on the plastic Revell compared to the metal Skytrex

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  1. Interesting! I shall have to dig out my Academy jeep and do a bit of measuring on that.