Monday, 13 January 2014

Winter buildings in 20mm

Yesterday Daniel, Laffe and I met for a day of winter warfare, or rather preparing for one of Daniels huge games, scheduled of April or so. Somewhere in the borderlands between Germany and France, US vs German troops.
What is needed is a lot of houses and a railway, and snow.
We are well supplied with ordinary houses, but needed some winter-ish.
Daniel had bought a lot of H0 building on e-bay. We set up a workshop in my basement and started repainting and weathering the houses. We used drybrushing, washes and pigments to remove the plastic feeling.
Production in full swing
What was originally a building under construction was demolished to get a newly bombed house
Daniel mixed a secret snow-receipt (plaster, at least two different snow-effect powders, white paint and wood-glue – we essentially used what we had and mixed it. We will never be able to reproduce this…)
Sloshed it on roofs and ground.
The result of a days’ not very hard work: 15 buildings ready for war. (actually, two of them need some weathering as we didn’t have time for them. That will be done by me tomorrow.

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  1. Looking good, gents! I am so annoyed I I could not attend. Next time, though.

  2. Looks great, I guess I should do this for the Winter War but I don't have any buildings...........yet!