Saturday, 20 September 2014

28mm furniture from 4Ground

I’ve bought some stuff for my growing 28mm Wild West collection. Easiest to get table-ready were these counters from 4Ground. I wanted to try their new MDF furniture, and the counters looked useful.
Straight Counter in light wood – this is a set with 12 pieces that glues together easily. It took me less than 10 minutes to finish.
Corner Counter in light wood – 22 pieces makes this corner counter. It bit harder to build. I recommend that you dry-fit the pieces, as some are mirror images of each other but they have the same identifying letter. I noticed that when I had glued some pieces together, but before the glue had set. Took a bit longer, but still just slightly more than 10 minutes.
I used white glue as you have time to make adjustments (and have a chance to rescue your failures)
Highly useful pieces of furniture this. Relatively easy to assemble, and ready to game with as soon as the glue sets.
She’s drunk, that’s the reason for the blurry picture. But you'll get an idea of the size of these things. 
4Ground recommends that you coat these furniture with a matt varnish. I haven’t yet, but might.


  1. They look good. I've also picked up a few bits and pieces of 4Ground furniture. I also recommend dry fitting them first! Took me a little to figure out some of the pieces so was glad I didn't just go straight into gluing like I normally do. Haven't matt varnished them yet. Not sure they really need it?

    1. Varnish - I guess it depends on how much you'll use them. For me it's a game now and then, so I think I'll just skip it.

    2. Yeah, same here. I agree... they should be fine without it.

  2. They look great. I've been impressed by everything I've seen from 4Ground. As for varnish, I use a cheaper matt varnish from a fabric/craft store for my painted terrain. It's not as good a quality as the stuff from a model shop, but it's a lot cheaper and does the job for things like these.