Thursday, 18 September 2014

British vehicle colours and markings - reference library

I’ve read up quite a lot on BEF and the colours used. I started with Mike Starmer’s books quite a long time ago, and there I learned a lot about the camouflage schemes used and how the colours looked like.
After that I’ve got a great series of books that really goes in-depth on British AFV:s and their colours and markings.
The books are really good if you want to penetrate this very tricky subject.
Volume 1 – 'Colours and the interpretation of photos (very interesting this), ‘Vehicle paint and camouflage schemes up to 1939’, ‘Registrations, war department numbers and census marks 1903-2003’ (never again give your Churchill the registration number of a Universal Carrier)
Volume 2 – ‘Paint and camouflage 1939-1945’ (After reading this you’ll feel a bit less confused about when to use what), ‘Sub-unit markings and callsign systems’ (get a feel for those geometric company markings, and more. Lots more.)
Volume 3 – ‘Paint and camouflage post WWII’, ‘Arm of service markings’ (those squares with different colours – they actually mean something…), ‘Formation signs’ (the marking of the different divisions, and when they were used)
Volume 4 – ‘Recognition markings’ (white squares, allied stars etc), ‘Vehicle names’ and finally ‘Miscellaneous markings’.
All published by MMP Books.

All in all a must buy if you want to penetrate the tricky subject of British vehicle camouflage and markings. I give these books a rating of five of five possible.
In the next couple of weeks you’ll see my fleet of BEF vehicles. I’m painting furiously. You’ll get tips on which colours to use, and decal manufacturers.
I’m back in WWII-mode.

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