Friday, 9 January 2015

A give-away from Tor Gaming

Do you fancy £150 worth of minis and rules?
If yes, then you should over to Tor Gaming and their contest that is open until January 22.
The minis you can win seem to be a complete faction from their Relics series, and when I checked them out I found the Vaettir just so cute. They are all very cute, actually.
Check out yourself, and if you go by this link and enter the competition I will get a few extra points. I wouldn’t mind that


  1. Actually I do not need any more figures even if they are free... at least not a complete new game/genre/style.

    1. As if that had ever stopped you?
      Join and if you win then you worry about what you should do about the minis. You could always give to Thomas :-)

    2. ...and.... I believe there are special dice included. You like dice...

    3. Excellent idea! I have entered because I have wanted to own Tor figures since the first time I saw them but could never justify spending and time. To get them as a gift, on the other hand...

  2. Good luck, it really is an excellent prize. Although, obviously, I hope to win for myself! ;)