Monday, 5 January 2015

Exit 2014 – Welcome 2015

What happened? Another year flew by… a year that was very successful miniatures wise.
So what about the plans I had for 2014, how did they pan out and what’s for 2015?
Posts – 108 posts during the year, for a total of 371
Hits - around 105K total, meaning I got about 50K hits during the year.
Followers – 46 new followers for a total of 131
My goal for 2014 was to have at least 50 posts – Success!
I will go easy on Kickstarters this year.” Fail. Let’s continue J
20mm WWII
Vehicles – 15 painted
Figures – 32 painted
Not a bad year, but I haven’t really done much.
“The goal for 2014 is to paint all the British vehicles and guns, and a lot of them stand ready. I’m just waiting for delivery of some paints.”
Well, I got some of it painted… but not all. Fail
The infamous GW Giant. Done at last. 
Small and medium painted – 178
Large – 8
XL – 2 (and one of them is that cursed GW giant)
Terrain – quite a few 4Ground houses and a lot of bits and pieces
I started a new ‘period’ – Dust Warfare. Great fun.
A great year for 28mm. I have never painted as much. Not by a long way.
The goals:
Winter war – “My goal for 2014 is to paint at least some of that. I did paint the first bunch of Russians, still got the first batch of Finns, and I’m waiting for the last batch of minis. Not terribly happy with the sculpts of the soldiers but the vehicles are great. Success!
Wild West -. “My goal for 2014 is to get myself a decent set of skirmish rules and build and paint enough so that I can get at least one game in. Bought Dead Man’s Hand, built a bunch of minis and have played a couple of games. Success!
28mm SF and fantasy – “Will paint more figures this year, but won’t buy more than maybe a stray figure or two. – Didn’t buy to many figures directly. Kickstarters don’t count, right…? Anyway, I did paint a lot so I call it a Success!
Thomas and I have started to game evenings bi-weekly, with Laffe and others showing up when they can. It’s great to regularly game and fun to get small games in.
So, all in all, 2014 was a successful year miniatures-wise. A great year.

Plans for 2015
2015 will be a 28mm year. I will concentrate on:
- finishing all the miniatures for the first shipment of Brimstone
Dust so far.
- paint a decent force for two factions in Dust. It looks like it will be Germans and SSU.
- continue with Dead Man’s Hand and get a couple of more figures painted.
2015 will also be a year of terrain. I will concentrate on:
- building a couple of gaming boards for Song of Blades and Heroes and/or Open Combat
- building a board for Dead Man’s Hand
- building a board for Dust
- building and painting a lot of details
I also have a secret minis-project that will run throughout the year. More on that in a years time.
2015 will also be a year of the unforeseen. As usual. Something will probably show up and I will probably fall for it. Something really unforeseen would be for me not to fall for a shiny Kickstarter. But that won’t happen J I will try to cut back on minitures-kickstarters though. I really have enough minis to last me through the year and then some.

See what I did there? No goals! This is about having fun and I will continue to have that. That is actually a goal!

Finally: Welcome followers SinSynn with House of Paincakes, a very amusing blog and Blaxkleric (no blog that I could find. If you do have a blog, then put a link to it in the comments below so I can link to it here.)
RPG Stream and Luchas Stuchly are a new Google+ followers. Welcome.


  1. Busy, busy, busy! Sounds like you achieved a lot last year though, well done. Good luck with this years goals :-)

    1. It was a really successful miniatures year. I hope 2015 will be as good and fun.

  2. Great achievements! And yes you are right, no goals, that makes it too much like work.

    1. Exactly! This should all be about having a great time and not about obligations.

  3. The giant turned out pretty good. I like the cowbell nipple piercing, that's a good look for him though makes it hard to sneak up on people, not that giants do a lot of sneaking.
    Hope 2015 is a good year for you, I think it's wise to go easy on the goals and focus on the fun.

    1. Focus on the fun - that is what a hobby should be all about

  4. Here is a goal for us:one game each of my DBP boardgames, one of DMH and one of Open Combat before the end of the year.

    1. We should be able to do that. But we also have Brimstone and Dust...

    2. Yep, that also.
      So many games, so little time...