Friday, 30 January 2015


I found this in a bargain bin many years ago and it sedimented into the bottom of the tin and plastics mountain and laid there, forgotten. Found and retrieved now.
It’s a Hellshrieker from Wizards’ Dreamblade pre-painted miniatures range. Originally with a square base but I sawed that off and used one of my 25mm crystal clear Sally 4th bases instead.
Repainted in different pinks and rotting flesh tones, washed with Citadel Baal Red and lightly drybrushed with Formula P3 Thrall Flesh. Teeth Bone White with Army Painter Strong Tone wash. Finally a coat of gloss varnish.
Icky thing, looks like a mound of intestines. Will probably see action as a Cthulhu monster or maybe in a game of Open Combat.
Sweet dreams...


  1. I used to love Dreamblade and have a few boxes of the things somewhere. This repaint is absolutely superb and doubtless looks terrifying on the tabletop. great work Joakim :-)

    1. Thank you.
      I totally missed Dreamblade in the days and when I bought this mini and another (soon to be painted) I had no idea what they were for.
      Nice enought though with a repaint.

  2. Holy crap it looks like my ex.

  3. Looks suitably icky and gory. Nice one! Yuk...