Saturday, 5 September 2015

A couple of pics from Medieval Week on Gotland

We spent a couple of days in Visby on the Island of Gotland in early August and a fun time we had as it was Medieval Week. A week with entertainers, craft, music, dance, fairytales, fighting men, a market, food, mead, beer and more. And of course men, women and children dressed up in suitable medieval-influenced clothing.
We were there last year for the first time, and it was so much fun. Had to go this year, too. 
Just some pics to give you an idea of what can happen.
Condottieri Stagefighting having a go at each other 
You can try a lot of things. Here my son Martin shoots with a bow.
Theater in the ruins of the Church of S:t Nicolai
Vagando played at Kapitelhusgården. Mead + music = perfect!
The ring wall around Visby
Narrarna - The Fools - in the ruins of the Church of S:t Lars. They were fun.
Like, really fun.
Pax had a fire-show
My daughter Johanna maing a necklace at an outdoor smithy.
Vagando again, outdoors this time
Faunus - another band playing for free at the Market
Yet another band, Kalabalik.
The kids and me, dressed for the week.
Sunset after a fantastic day
Koenix played at Kapitelhusgården. Great music, but a bit loud in the cramped room.
Ruins of the Church of S:t Clemens
Hm, over-sized roof.
So much to do. Much of it free or with reasonable prizes. Really recommended if you have a chance to go. First week of August next year.


  1. Nice photos. Looks like a great week.

  2. Very cool! A great way to go "Medieval!"

  3. Looks like an amazing family time and well done history. I remember your post last year on Visby and this was just as enjoyable. Now that I have been to Iceland, I must go to Sweden next! This looks like a good time of year to visit.

    1. Hi Michael!
      It's a good time and place.
      If you happen to come by Stockholm (and you should) then I promise you a game or two.