Thursday, 21 April 2011

First 6mm ever

First 6mm ever
I got boxes of Italians from Heroics & Ros and GHQ this week.
As a suitable fist project I painted a M13/40 from H&R.
Base colour Vallejo 916 Sand Yellow, a wash of Devlan Mud and a dry brush of Vallejo 976 Buff.
Tracks and machineguns Vallejo Gamecolor Gunmetal washed with Devlan Mud.
The rubber on the wheels were painted with black, and the exhaust system Humbrol Rust.
The paining is good enough for a game.
The question is whether the tank is good enough if it meets one of Laffe’s Matildas…

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  1. Fientligt pansar siktat! Efter hand, och i egen takt; ELD!

    vad söt den var ;-)