Saturday, 16 April 2011

Space Ork

This space ork is, of course, from Games Workshop, GW. I got a gang of dark green ocs, and will try another colour-scheme on this one to see if I like it better.
Skin is Vallejo 971 Green Grey, and then Army Painter Quickshade Strong Tone followed by matte varnish. I’m really pleased with the result. More will come.
I’ve long been rather uncertain about my 40K orks. Shall I paint what I have, or simply give up on them? The fun part with them is to orkify other stuff, such as WWII vehicles. There is a risk that they will survive, and slowly multiply. I do have, if not a mountain, at least a hill with ork plastics and tin.
Maybe I can find someone to play with, and I might get the Gorkamorka-box up from the dungeon.
By the way, this is what I got already painted:


  1. Green grey blev jättebra, det måste jag också testa! Jag spelar ju också 40k lite då och då, så vi kanske kunde spela det någon gån?

  2. *glufs, glufs, raaap*
    (Tyranider säger inte så mycket)