Thursday, 22 September 2011

28mm tents from Renedra

I visited Renedra to buy some bases, they have quite a selection at descent prices. But a few packets of bases turned into a box of stuff. They do have quite a lot of useful things…
These tents, £7 for the lot, will serve well in my D&D campaign, and they can come in handy in a lot of other 28mm games as well, both SF, fantasy and modern. Also in the kit was a small camp-fire.
I wanted to try out different colours for the tent fabric, to see what turned out the best. All were base-coated and the tent-pins were painted with Vallejo Cork Brown, everything coated with Army Painter Strong Tone varnish and given a final coat of matt varnish.

Large tent – open: Basecoat Vallejo 976 Buff
Large tent – closed: V 819 Sand
Small tent – open: Humbrol 103 Cream
Small tent – closed: V 918 Ivory
Circular tent – open: V 971 Green Grey
Circular tent – closed: V 917 Beige
Bunks: V 918 Ivory

The best? Well, I’m rather satisfied with the differences.

One small criticism is that the tents were moulded in a dark grey plastic, a lighter one would have been better to avoid so many layers of basecoat.
Ah, what a glorious morning.
All in all a very good buy.


  1. Those turned out very nice. Like the differences as well. thx for sharing the paints. Will be trying some of them

  2. You're welcome. More Renedra stuff on the workbench now, so you will se more soon.