Saturday, 3 September 2011

Pz.Kpfw. 38(t) in 1/72

The Russians will need some opposition in our game at Stockholm Spelkonvent, and a couple of Pz 38(t) will be part of the German force.
I had one already built, it was a model made by Attack that I built a couple of years ago, and I wasn’t terribly impressed by it. If I remember correctly the fit wasn’t great. I re-painted the turret and gave it id-numbers to fit with the rest of the unit.
I had another set, this time by UM lying about, and I’ve built that. Now, this is a modeler’s model, make no mistake. Tons of small parts, photo-etched stuff, and…. individual track-links. Have I mentioned anything about how I feel about individual track links in 1/72 kits I intend to use for gaming?
Aaaaargh! The tracks really look like crap. I will have to hide as much as possible with pigments, and let the tank hang about in the rear. Remind me to stay away from individual track-links in the future, they’re a pain in the…
I skip a lot of the equipment, I just haven’t got the time to get it done, too much to build and paint for the game, and anyway I’m terribly disappointed by how the tank came out. No fault of UM, just me buying the wrong model for what I had in mind.
Painted in Vallejo 995 German Grey, dry-brushed 869 Basalt Grey and given a generous dusting of Vallejo and Mig pigments. It didn’t help…
A comparison between Attack (back) and UM (front).
Pegasus seems to have a set of quick-build Pz 38 (t):s. I’ll invest in them…


  1. Very nice, the Pegasus ones are cheap and very good, very few parts.

  2. Yep, They are number one on my 20mm shopping list at the moment, together with a 38(t) Befehlswagen (I have only found one manufactuer - Attack)and Pegasus Farm Animals.


  3. I look forward to seeing these on the field in two weeks.