Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Disagården – part 2

I rescued all files from my troublesome computer, so here’s another batch of pictures from Disagården.
The building in front (number 2 on the map seen in part 1) is a foods and grain storage building from the 16th century. Note the hexagonal timbers and the roof.
Another storage building (no 20) from the 16th century. The roof is similar to the one on building 2. They used long strips of birch-bark like we use tar-paper today, held in place by timbers.
Same building, here you can the strips of bark.
Gate with guest stables and carriage shed, and stores (no 4), built 1752.
Food and grain storage (no 7, early 18th century) with a grass-roof. The small building on the left of it is a small stables and farm-hands quarters above that, built in 1814.
It probably wasn’t great fun to be a farm-hand. This is their summer quarters, above the stables. You could see through the floor…

Interior of building no 7.

To be continued.

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