Thursday, 8 September 2011

Book review: A military history treasure trove!

Not really a book review, but somewhat similar.

A while ago I was looking for some facts about bocage. I googled and found a PDF of a report named 'Busting the bocage'. A very interesting report, made by something called the Combat Studies Institute (CSI) Press.
I was in for a treat, as I had found a veritable treasure trove. This is a gold-mine if your interested in military history.

From the CSI web page: "The Combat Studies Institute (CSI) is a military history “think tank” which produces timely and relevant military history research publications and contemporary operational history for the US Army."

Need I say more? You will find reports on everything from WWII to future warfare. I downloaded reports on 'Soviet night operations in WWII', ´Fighting the Russians in Winter', '101st Airborne Divisions's defence of Bastogne', 'Desert Warfare: German Experiences in WWII', 'An Ever Present Danger: A Concise History of British Military Operations on the North-West Frontier, 1849-1947', 'Combined arms in battle since 1939', 'The 9th Australian Division versus the Africa Corps: An infantry divison against tanks, Tobruk, Libya, 1941' and more. Much more.
You have been warned - this site will eat your time!

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