Sunday, 26 May 2013

28mm Gray Elf Wizard from Chainmail/WotC

A gray elf wizard from the Ravilla faction of the Chainmail game. A two-piece model sculpted by Paul Muller.
I like all the pouches everywhere. Gives the impression of a real wizard, with spell components and potions stuffed in every container.
Paints used (Vallejo unless otherwise noted)
Coat – 850 Medium Olive washed with Citadel Thraka Green, detailing in Citadel Scorpion Green

Pants – 821 German Camoflage Beige
Pouches – 843 Cork Brown
Wood – Vallejo Panzer Aces 310 Old Wood
Boots – 871 Leather Brown
Washed with Citadel Devlan Mud
Skin – 955 Flat Flesh
Hair – Coat d’Arms 235 Horse Tone – brown
Inside of coat – 971
Cloth – 881 Yellow Green
Jewellery – citadel Dwarf Bronze
washed of Army Painter Strong Tone ink.


  1. I have that mini but never really studied the pouches.

    1. I opened each one, and they full off stuff :-)