Monday, 27 May 2013

Prepainted D&D minis improved

I bought a bunch of D&D pre-painted miniatures a while ago. Monsters that I might use once or twice in our AD&D campaign but didn’t want to go all out on and paint from the ground up. A fast way to get those seldom used minis cheaply and easily.
I intend to base them all and also at least improve them somewhat.
So here’s the first batch, the easiest ones. Just a bit of paint here and there
Basilisk – the eyes were a rather dull green, and I made them stand out more with some Citadel Scorpion green. The horn and spikes were painted Vallejo Bone White with a wash of Citadel Devlan Mud.
Darkmantles – I just painted their eyes with Citadel Scab Red
Digesters – I painted the feeding tentacles with Scab red, and the orifice where it squirts digestive fluids also Scab red and some Vallejo 944 Old Rose. I’m not too happy with the pre-painted dark bands on their legs, but won’t do anything about it, as that would mean a complete paint-job.
Slaad – just painted red slit-pupils.

Painted and based in less than an hour effective time.


  1. That's nice. Do you use them for the D&D board games or "proper" D&D roleplay?

    1. Proper D&D, if you please :-)
      In my case a mix of 3E and 3,5E

      I still have my beloved 1st ed books. Very well thumbed I might add