Saturday, 18 May 2013

FT-17 in 1/76 from Revell/Matchbox

I’m not sure I should call this a reinforcement to the French forces, but anyway, here it is: a FT-17 from Revell’s remake of the classic Matchbox set with a Char B1 bis and a FT-17 and a scenic piece.
An easy build giving a decent enough little tank.
When I had started painting it, I remembered that the Finnish army had some in the Winter War. It was disliked, and most of them were emplaced as bunkers… It would have been fun to paint one up as a Finn, but that will be in the future.
I’m not sure about the paints use, as my oldest son came and painted some Space Marines and in the resulting chaos among my paints I forgot what I used for this one.

Welcome Grigork with The Magalomaniac (Mwaha), en excellent blog about wargaming with lots of nice terrain. Recommended.
Also a big welcome to sgt.steiner with the blog Sgt.Steiner's Wargaming Blog about wargames, both board, miniature and PC. With a nom de guerre like that, how could you not like him!


  1. Cool, I love the FT-17 its such a funky looking tank.

    1. yes, a lovely little tank. But not much use in 1940...

  2. The French make some gorgeous looking tanks, no mistake.

    1. Yep, and it was made in WWI! Very before its time then, but 20+ years later it was just so much scrap metal when it happened upon another tank.
      Guess it could be useful against infantry without AT weapons, though.

  3. Nice tank and well done.