Thursday, 27 February 2014

20mm fences from Central Valley

Always on the hunt for stuff that will enhance the gaming table. I visited MJ Hobby a while ago, an excellent shop for model railway stuff. There I found this set.
HO scale Fence & Railing from Central Valley
For the game on Saturday I was told we needed fences, so had to make these quickly.
For basing I used steel washes with a blob of DAS Pronto modelling clay and I stuck the fences on these. One or two washes per length. When the clay was dry I removed the fences, put a blob of super glue gel in the hole and put them back in place. I also had to glue some of the dry clay to the washers as they sometimes fell off.
Painted with Vallejo Chocolate Brown and drybrushed Vallejo Buff. Bases covered with my usual brown paint/sand mix and static grass.
Gates were set on separate washers and by nipping off the end posts of the fences they can be placed where you want them, opened or closed.
To get an idea of the height of these fences
Also in this set you will find two other types of fencing, vertical board and welded pipe. But that is for another post.


Peter Regan with Oubliette Magazine, a magazine for old school roleplayers.


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    1. Yep. I have more stuff bought there. Will be more posts

  2. Lovely! This is the kind of stuff that makes the battlefield come alive.

  3. Very nice painting and very useful scenery