Saturday, 15 February 2014

Paint Table Saturday no 1, February 15

Sofie, of Sofie’s Paint Blog, has kindly invited me to join in the Paint Table Saturday thingie, and here it is, my paint table today.
Seen on it are a lot of early war BEF vehicles. As I at last found correct paints, all my British vehicles are on the table, or close by, waiting to be built and painted. You will find several different trucks, scout cars, cruiser tanks and light tanks, carriers and a staff car. Enough to start a war…
Also, interspersed, are odd 28mm figures; some pre-painted that needs a brush-up, wild west, a couple of Infinity bikers and some fantasy monsters and adventurers.
Here’s a couple of painted vehicles, waiting for decals. Lovely scout cars and a couple of rather simple resin trucks. Also several MkVI light tanks under construction and cruisers in the background.

I need to finish some of these, to get free space, as it is rather cluttered…


  1. Replies
    1. That's a very nice way of saying it's a mess, right? :-)

  2. Lots of vehicles there to paint up Joakim :)

    1. Doing it in one go is just beyond me. I'll be bored to tears. Therefore the odd 28mm figs here and there

  3. Thanks for participating and showing your paint table today Joakim! I added you're link in my blog post! You have some cool looking vehicles on your table!
    Greetings, Sofie