Thursday, 13 February 2014

Tentacles, I need tentacles! Gricks in 28mm

I’m eagerly waiting for figures from two Cthulhu-inspired kickstarters, Shadows of Brimstone and RAFM Call of Cthulhu. I have to wait a long time still, before anything shows up… but I want tentacles now!
Checking all my boxes I found something with at least tiny tentacles. Prepainted plastic gricks by WotC, made in 2008 and sold for their AD&D skirmish game.
The paintjob on them was horrible, bright blue… argh.
A fast paint-job, made yesterday evening.
Paints used
Body – Citadel Foundation Charadon Granite
Stomach drybrushed with Vallejo 870 Medium Sea Grey
Rest of the body and tentacles drybrushed with Foundation Calthan Brown
Suction cups – drybrushed Vallejo 944 Old Rose
Tongue – Citadel Scab Red
Army Painter Dark Tone Wash painted in creases

The base is coated in a household grafite-grey paint with some added fine-grained sand, and drybrushed with Vallejo 884 Stone Grey


  1. They look truly horrible (as it should be!) :-)

  2. Uäck!!! must be Swedish for yuck!!! (or ick!!). If so, all those words would be appropriate.
    I am sure they are better in your paint scheme than in the original bright blue???