Thursday, 9 October 2014

Corporate Babes from Copplestone

These femmes fatales come from Copplestone Castings and their Corporate Babes II pack from the Future Wars range. There are five in the set. The other two are still in the tin-mountain, one is sword armed and the other fires a SMG. They will all serve in Pulp Alley.
The coat is Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red with a wash of Citadel Washes Baal Red. Hair is Vallejo 822 German Camo Black Brown with a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone.
The top is Citadel Foundation Macharius Solar Orange, washed with Army Painter Strong Tone and layered with several thin coatings of orange. Hair is 837 Pale Sand, Strong Tone wash and drybrushed with more Pale Sand.

Coat Citadel Foundation Hormagaunt Purple with Citadel Washes Leviathan Purple. Hair Vallejo 874 Tan Earth with Strong Tone wash and drybrushed with Tan Earth.

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