Friday, 31 October 2014

Unboxing Shadows of Brimstone

Yesterday it finally happened. The postman rang, and he had a huge box with him, weighting in at 28,2 pounds/12,8 kg. Sender: Flying Frog Productions. This is the first shipment of my Minecart level pledge from the Shadows of Brimstone kickstarter.
Let’s see what’s in there:
The box is nearly bursting
Two games and extra stuff - print, character cards and doubles on all the miniatures in both sets (the red sprues).
A signed print. Now hanging over my painting table.
Cards for the kickstarter exclusive character. Unfortunately the miniature will arrive in the next batch of stuff. But I have a lot of minis I can use instead.
I'll open this one first. That will give you an idea of how much stuff there is in just one box.
Sheets of double-sided map-tiles and assorted markers
The basic rulebook and the adventure book specifying the characters in this box, the Jargono world you can be transported to through gates in the mines and a whole lot of different scenarios.
Character cards...
...double sided, so you can play male or female characters. The alternate sculpts will come in the next shipment. Nun with a gun... :-)
Monster cards. Normal side...
...and brutal side.
Lots of cards...
Even more
Character sprue - a priest, a female rancher, a law-man and an indian scout.
Tentacles. At last...
Got 3 of these monster sprues. Zombies, slasher and  hellbats.
Harbinger, a gigantic demon.
Dice and bases
A soundtrack to get you in the mood. That was one box... 
Next box. Haven't opened it yet, but it's more of everything. A new world, new monsters, new heroes and cards to support it all. 
Final shipment in a year's time or so, and that one will dwarf this. There will be an insane amount of minis and different missions, worlds and other add-ons.

Do not disturb! I will be busy a couple of weeks :-)


  1. That is beyond cool! And the best part is. YOU get to paint it all, then I get to play with it!

    1. That, in reverse, is why I like Mars Attacks!....

    2. Except all of my MA gear is not half of what came in that, first, box of Brimstone. And now don't go bringing Dungeon Saga into this, please.

    3. If I bring up Dungeon Saga, you will say Mercs, etc.
      So I better shut up and enjoy my games of Mars Attacks!

    4. Yep, that is not a game you will win.

  2. I just bought a can of purple spray for my tentacles...

    1. My first set of six will be green. On the painting table now.

    2. Not sure what to do for the rest... Putrid green perhaps.