Friday, 17 October 2014

Dead Man’s Hand at Flemcon, more Kickstarters and a nice figure

This year we will stage two games on Saturday November 15 at Flemcon. As usual we will visit WWII, this year it will be the Continuation War in 1/100 scale and the rules will be Big Chain of Command.
I will spend my time at the Wild West table. Everyone is welcome to try to survive the brutal and deadly last man standing shoot out I’m preparing now. I will use the Dead Man’s Hand rules, somewhat modified. I’ll stage as many games as I can during the day, so if you’re in the vicinity of Stockholm I’d be glad to meet you there.
Now I’m building houses from 4Ground and you see my new ones here, in a game I’m having with my kids.
The setup will be something similar to this, but hopefully with a house or two more.
Do come over and say hi if you're there.

A couple more Kickstarters that has caught my eyes.
RAFM has another Kickstarter, Airship Pirates. Very affordable, as CAD 40 will get you a bunch of useful pulp figures. Postage included for EU, US and Canada. Ends on November 14.
Troll Outpost Fantasy Figures has a lot of just that. I do really like the Elf Huntress on Tiger. Also some nice dwarfs, demons and other stuff. Worth a look. You’ll have a good chance of getting these minis in time for Christmas and postage is limited to £4 or 5. Ends November 2.

Finally, I got an envelope from Canada yesterday. In it was a painted figure (from Pulp Figures) I won in a give-away at Mad Padre’s. Thanks a lot, Michael! It will see action in Pulp Alley games. Well timed, considering my renewed pulp interest.


  1. Wow, that cowboy town is growing quickly! I look forward to seeing all this put together at FlemCon!

    1. It is! Nothing like a con to get you focused. And get your wallet focused :-(
      I have also taken a lot of details, like sacks, boxes and barrels, to give the setting more life.

  2. There will unfortunately be no DMH at Flemcon this year. The flu has floored me, and I wil stay at home trying to recuperate,
    Also the Continuation War is cancelled, another floored Lardie, but instead there will be a France 1940 scenario.