Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Pulp statues

If I want to play pulp games I need appropriate scenery. On my to-do list is quick-sand, marches, cliffs, statues etc. 
A couple of statues could be done relatively easily. I found a little bronze-statuette I bought in India when I worked there 20 years ago. It had been in a cupboard for most of that time, so no-one would miss it in its present form. A visit to a flea-market got me two other tourist-trap items for next to nothing.
The souvenirs in all their tourist trap glory
I painted them with a household paint (Flügger Egg Dream) rather similar to Vallejo’s Iraqui Sand. When they were fully dry I washed them with different washes and all were drybrushed with Egg Dream.
The sphinx was washed with Army Painter Strong Tone
This one Army Painter Soft Tone
The Indian god got a coat of Citadel Washes Ogryn Flesh.
The end results were quite different thanks to the different washes. A fast project giving a couple of useful terrain pieces.

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