Friday, 19 December 2014

Dust – Battle Squad and a giveaway!

Enough German Dust-squads for a while now. Time for SSU, the Chinese-Soviet pact, and first up is a SSU Battle Squad, aka Frontoviki.
Five men armed with assault and machine guns and lightly armoured. The minis needed some cleaning as there are mould-lines. They’re not in any way bad but I prefer to clean them off.
One thing that bothers me a bit with these figures are that they all wear the same magazine pouches, regardless of weapon used. I had an idea about sculpting a new pouch for the machine gunners and making a mould of it so I could produce a bunch. But that is for later…
I’ve based the paint-scheme on the previous early-war Russians I painted earlier this year. A bit simplified though.
Paints used:
Uniform – 924 Russian Uniform
Assault pack – 912 Tan Yellow
Magazine pouch, entrenching tool cover – 914 Green Ochre
Entrenching tool handle, grenade handle – 843 Cork Brown
Water Bottle – Formula P3 Battledress Green
Belt – 984 Flat Brown
All above one coat of Army Painter Strong Tone Ink wash.
Amour, helmets, knife sheath, magazines etc – 894 Camo Olive Green + AP Dark Tone Ink
Gloves – Citadel Foundation Charadon Granite + AP Dark Tone Ink
Weapons, metal – 863 Gunmetal Grey + 2 coats of AP Dark Tone
Knife handle - black
Bases will be changed to transparent ones as soon as I get those. Should be any day now.

EndTransmission’s gaming stuff is a good blog that I’m following. He covers just about everything with a slight emphasis on zombies. A great read and recommended. Anyway, The site has reached 25 000 page-views, and that is, off course, cause for a celebration – a give-away with a chance to win a goodie box. Go over and check it out!

Lee Gaddies is a new Google+ follower. Welcome.

Don’t forget my own 100K giveaway.


  1. Looking good. The SSU lads really look good in a simple paint job, reflects their rustic style.

  2. I agree, the SSU guys really do look good with the simple paint job. I just showed this to my son so he could use it for inspiration.

    1. That is great. I hope he finds the inspiration.

  3. Great work on these guys Joakim!