Friday, 5 December 2014

British BEF-Tommies – reference library

My BEF-project putters on, slowly, even though I have fluttered away to Pulp-territory, Brimstone and Dust.
I’ve done some extensive reading on BEF, and I have found two invaluable books on the subject of British uniforms and equipment. Two must-buys if you’re into this rather tricky subject.
The World War II Tommy, Martin Bradley and Richard Ingram, The Crowood Press
Great pictures of uniforms, equipment and weapons. You’ve got re-enactors dressed in the real thing, be it the ordinary Battle Dress or something totally obscure, like the Hospital Pyjamas. A great resource! Highly recommended.
British Web Equipment of the Two World Wars, Martin Bradley, The Crowood Press

This is obviously a more specialised book, covering the different webbing patterns and their equipment. Another great buy, as this is a rather tricky subject. You really want to get the 1939 pattern entrenching tool for your BEF in France, and not the 1937 pattern that was introduced in 1941. Confusing? Yes. That’s why you need this book.
I give booth books a rating of 5 out of 5.


  1. Congrats, you just made yourself Tommypainter for our group! But since your blog posts usually contain Vallejo numbers, I might be able to replicate your work.

    1. I'm only proficient in BEF tommies! You'll see a tutorial on that next week.

  2. One of my favourite subjects