Tuesday, 9 December 2014

BEF painting tutorial

I have painted a couple of 1/72 British Infantry from Battlefield Miniatures and their Blitz range, using the reference books as inspiration. This is hopefully something that is close enough to the real thing.
I’ve included paints below for more specialised equipment too, just to have everything in one place, and you will see examples of that in future posts.
Paints used:
Uniform, water bottles – Vallejo 921 English Uniform
Helmet, ammo boxes and other equipment – DOA Khaki Green G3
Boots, scabbard – Black
Webbing, pouches, anklets – 881 Yellow Green
Helmet nets – drybrush 819 Iraqui Sand, no wash (note – these were uncommon for BEF in 1940)
Anti-gas cape (rolled on backpack), gas mask bag (on chest) – 887 Brown Violet
Band to rolled anti-gas cape – 819 Iraqui Sand
Wood – 984 Flat Brown
Steel details, weapons – 863 Gunmetal Grey + two washes of Army Painter Dark Tone ink. (note, on these minis I used 863 Oily Steel and Strong Tone wash, but it is not as good)
Machine-gun band – 819 Iraqui Sand
Cartridges – Brass
Text on ammo boxes etc – 948 Golden Yellow
Everything washed with AP Strong Tone ink.

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  1. So you went with green webbing for these? Interesting. I though green blanco didn't show up until late war?

    1. That nearly gave me an heart attack! I had to check my reference books again, and this seem so be OK.
      What you think of is, I think, the 1944 pattern web. It was a darker green than the above, which is lighter and more yellowish.
      The gas mask bag, though, is a darker green, as it should be

    2. You are the expert, I only remember you lambasting me for painting the webbing green :-)