Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Brimstone – Night Terrors

We’ve come to the Night Terrors from the Shadows of Brimstone – City of Ancients box. Three of these large creatures in the box.
They were a bit of a pain. Lots of pieces with rather lousy fit, meaning I had to green-stuff a lot. After that I wasn’t sure of how to paint them. Black, grey, brown, blue… ? I really didn’t know.
Anyway, I undercoated them my usual way, with Vallejo 919 Foundation White and a darker wash. The first one was washed with Army Painter Strong Tone Ink, and it didn’t look so bad, actually. It was the beginning of a snow-man. I washed number two with AP Dark Tone to see how that looked, and I stuck with the same for the third figure.
I then drybrushed them heavily with Vallejo 951 White, and, if I may say so, the result wasn’t too bad.
Mouth 944 Old Rose, teeth and claws Bone White and AP Strong Tone wash over it.
Eyes Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red with black pupils.
40mm clear bases from Sally 4th.
This came out much better than I expected. It also fits well with the theme of the City of Ancients where the alternate world is a snowy plateau.
Next on the painting table is the huge Goliath. I have to get my green stuff and sculpting tools…

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28mm total painted in 2014 so far:
S+M: 164
L: 8
XL: 1

Finally – A big welcome to new follower Oswald. I couldn’t find out if you have a blog or not, but if you have then put a link in to it the comments below so I can link to it here.


  1. I think the snowman look works really well for them

    1. Me too :-)
      This way i can also use them as snowmen in D&D or Pulp Alley. I like dual use.