Friday, 15 May 2015

Far East Asian Ox Cart from 4Ground

A quick little project – an ox-cart from 4Ground to be used in our Pulp Alley games as a prop. Another little thing to add character and life to the gaming area.

Drybrushed ox-cart from 4Ground
Without drybrush. Nice as it is.
It’s a very easy build, done in 10 minutes. You could use it as is, and it would look great. I drybrushed the cart quite heavily with Vallejo Cork Brown and followed with a lighter drybrush of Buff.


  1. Wow, I'm getting me one of those! That baby will work for both Dux Gondorum and Le Coq Indochine by simply swapping the kind of ox in front of it.

    1. It is excellent.
      4Ground have a pack of two hand carts that would suit you (and my pulp game)
      unfortunately out of stock at the FLGS

  2. A very nice model, looks realistic...