Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Roter Teufel - a cog in Stockholm

Me and my wife celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary last week and took a walk on Djurgården in Stockholm during a fantastic spring day. We came to Beckholmen (Pitch Island) and the old dry-docks there. The whole island is protected as a historical monument of historic interest and the three dry docks are still used, partly to preserve old ships. The biggest one, the nearly 200 meters long GV-dock,  gained world-wide fame in 1961 when the warship Vasa was raised after 333 years on the bottom of the waters close to Beckholmen and towed there. The first preservation work was done in the dock until she was moved to Djurgården on a floating pontoon and what was to become a temporary museum used during preservations. Wasa has now moved into a proper museum, well worth a visit if you go to Stockholm. It is actually one of the most interesting museums you can visit.
Back to our trip.
When we came to the two smaller docks I found this – a cog.
I found out that this cog, Roter Teufel (Red Devil), is a replica of a ship built approximately 1390 in Poland. The wreck of it was found in 1991 and this replica was built in 2001-2003 in Malmö.
I hope you enjoy the pictures. 
A propeller - that's cheating :-)
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  1. Congratulations to 20 years AND to find a Cog:)

    Might have to make a tripp to beckholmen then...

    1. Thank you
      It's a very nice walk at Beckholmen and the area around it, so it is well worth a trip