Friday, 22 May 2015

Sampans from Sarissa Precision

My big project at the moment is to build a harbour for use in our Perilous Island campaign for Pulp Alley. One of the most important things for a harbour is off course ships and boats. Some of the smaller boats are already done.
The scenario is set in Indonesia, and I found a couple of Sampans from Sarissa Precision that could give an Asian feel to the harbour.
Built straight out of the box they looked somewhat less than impressive.
I decided to give them some paint and used Vallejo Cork Brown all over. A wash of Army Painter Strong Tone ink followed. Finally a drybrush of Cork Brown and a lighter one off Vallejo Buff.
Much better.

You can use them with the small shelter or without.


  1. Nice! I feel that most mdf kit really benefits from some paint


    1. That is very true. When this harbour thing is done I'm going back to my 4Ground buildings and give them some paint.

  2. Those look great; I can see them in other periods/genres too - maybe some Samurai stuff. Didn't know about these before, so thanks for the post.

    1. Thank you!
      They are truly multi-purpose. A great buy if you give them some paint.