Sunday, 13 November 2011

28mm Astral Reavers from Reaper

Reaper Dark Heaven Legends 2765 Astral Reavers
I liked the look of these figures, but I really didn’t have any good ideas on how to paint them. So they had a long rest in the tin mountain. Having experimented with a bunch of new colours I found something for the skin-tone that felt right.

Base-coated with white and a black wash.
I painted the skin with Vallejo 906 Pale Blue, hair 847 Dark Sand, leggings with 821 German Camouflage Beige and waist cloth 837 Pale Sand. This time I tried painting the eyes before giving the figures a wash, and I think it came out rather well.
I coated them with Vallejo matt varnish.
I do like their fashion sense. I so hope the leggings and waist cloth thing will be the big thing next spring, at least for females J