Wednesday, 2 November 2011

It's a jungle in here

Over the years I have collected quite a lot of plastic plants. I have found them in pet shops, at IKEA, home decorating shops (Hemtex, Lagerhaus and others) and in flower shops. I have used some, and the rest have gone into a big box, waiting for a day to see the light again.
I found a couple of nice plants the other day, and they didn’t fit into the box, so it was time to do something about it.
I based and flocked quite a lot of them, actually more than 50 plants. They made a great jungle, and will probably see action soon, when we (me and the kids) start gaming Song of Blades and Heroes. Until then, a party of modern adventurers will explore…

Great for SF, fantasy, pulp and some might even see action in Viet Nam.


  1. There is still quite a lot left in that box, I just can't understand how it all fit in there before... Next batch will be made soon, after a bunch of fantasy figures I work on now.
    Oh, and i got a box of goodies from Otherworld today! Hooray!