Thursday, 24 November 2011

Book review - Blitzkrieg in their own words

Blitzkrieg in their own words
First-hand accounts from German soldiers 1939-40
Pen and Sword Books, 2005, 255 pages.
This is a rather interesting book, first published in German in 1942, under the title “Mit den Panzern in Ost und West”, and then obviously a propaganda piece to get people to join the panzer-forces. It is about the campaigns in Poland and France.
It is filled with heroic deeds and deaths, defeated enemies who either fought valiantly or were cowards, very racist comments about French colonial troops, glorified versions of warfare and more.
It is written as short chapters or articles, 58 in all, presumably written by people in the field, describing an action they were embroiled in. Some detail well known actions, and others not so well known, and they could give some inspiration for scenarios.
I read a chapter now and then (decent bathroom literature, one article is about the right length
J), and they are interesting as time-pieces. All in all though, I’m not really sure.
“Blitzkrieg: in their own words” get a 2 out of 5 rating.

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