Saturday, 19 November 2011

Wild West buildings by Paul Darnell

Paul Darnell of Battles in Miniature is one of my favourite diorama and terrain builders, and he made four outstanding books on terrain a couple of years ago, called Touching History. They are OOP and if you want them now you can get them as PDF:s, and they are well worth the investment.
Anyway, Paul is selling a lot of terrain and buildings via his blog, and among other tempting stuff he sold “Tall Barn and Shack” in 28mm. A perfect xmas present to myself :-). The order was sent and Paul promptly sent the stuff on October 6th. Parcels from UK usually reaches me in less than a week...
I waited, and waited…and waited. After a month we both gave up, it was gone in the void. But, a couple of days ago I got a box. A box postmarked October 6th, it reached me on November 15th. A sad record, and I wonder where it had been all that time. Anyway, I got them well before xmas...
Beautiful houses that will see action soon. I’m so satisfied.

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  1. I agree, Paul does make some beautiful models and his books are well recommended.