Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Female Cleric in 28mm by Reaper

A lot of fantasy figures now, great fun and I’m full of inspiration.
This is "Elori Ebonscythe, Female Cleric", sculpt by Jeff Grace, no 3222 in the Dark Heaven Legends series by Reaper.
Hair Vallejo 818 Red Leather, the cape is 971 Green Grey and the waist cloth 885 pastel green. Skin 955 Flat Flesh and armor Vallejo Game Color Chainmail.
Coated with Army Painter Strong Tone and a coat of matte varnish.
I'm very happy with how this figure turned out.


  1. Fantastic paint! You really got her face down perfectly!


  2. Thank you.
    I'm very pleased her, probably my best mini ever. I'm trying to do as good on the next batch of figures on the painting table now, and improve on some details. We'll see how they will turn out.