Thursday, 3 October 2013

I won stuff from Blue Moon!

I always try to answer the questions in the competitions in Miniature Wargames, they are usually rather hard, and I always learn something. If I know all the answers and feel the prize is something I would like, then I usually send in my answers.
Did so in issue 365, and I got a mail a while ago from Henry Hyde the editor of the magazine, congratulating me to my amazing intellect (or rather, my luck in the draw, as there were quite a few contestants who had gotten it right).
The prize was £25 of Blue Moon miniatures from Old Glory UK.
I’ve had my eyes on Blue Moon for several years, so this prize really suited me. Of the stuff Old Glory had available I found the “Things that go bump in the night” 28mm series, with the “I just don’t feel my age” box, something suitably pulp for me. A great way of feeling out Blue Moon. (There are also a lot of 15mm Blue Moon figs at Old Glory, if that is your thing).
The box arrived the day before yesterday. So what’s in it?
 5 adventurers
5 locals
A sarcophagus with a loose mummy, and, argh… It’s alive!
Sooner or later you’ll even see some of these painted J

A great big Thank You! to Andy of Old Glory and Henry!


  1. Congrats with the win! That are some nice looking figures!


  2. Great collection of minis

    1. Yep, and getting them for free is extra spice on a very tasty treat